More coatings than anyone else. 

You can choose between four colour systems with Reynobond® and Reynolux®.

DURAGLOSS® was developed by us as a high-performance coating based on polymer resin. It offers serious resistance to wear and tear, salt, moisture, and UV rays. DURAGLOSS® comes in gloss levels of 3 % to 80 % (by comparison: only 20 % to 30 % with PVDF). Many of the colours are also available with surfaces in a powder-coated look. Your technical advisor can help you with questions on which gloss levels can be used with certain colours.

PVDF 70/30 coating: This coating is considered the standard for high-performance coatings in the construction industry, mainly on account of its durability. It is ideally suited to aggressive environments and extreme climatic conditions.

Polyester coating: This coating is very flexible and highly resistant to weather conditions. An extensive range of colours is available.

Polyamid coating: All the benefits of polyester plus outstanding scratch resistance.